Initializing a Cisco MDS FC switch

Trouble in initializing brand new Cisco MDS FC switch ? This post may help you. This post here discusses the procedure to initialize a new FC switch.


You have to connect the Console cable with the serial (COM) port on your laptop/desktop. You may use any terminal emulation utility such as Putty, Hyper Terminal etc.. and should use the default settings for serial connection (9600 baud,8 data bits,1 stop bit,No parity). Now you are all set to receive get the serial console.


Now you can connect the power and switch the switch ON. Once the switch is powered ON and booted up, you will asked to set the password for administrator. You should be setting a strong password otherwise the entered one will be rejected.

Once this is done, you will be prompted whether or not to continue with entering the configuration data. You can proceed with yes once you have the necessary information.



Press Enter at anytime to skip a dialog. Use ctrl-c at anytime
to skip the remaining dialogs.

Would you like to enter the basic configuration dialog (yes/no): yes

Create another login account (yes/no) [n]:

Configure read-only SNMP community string (yes/no) [n]:

Configure read-write SNMP community string (yes/no) [n]:

Enter the switch name : B-Forum-SW01

Continue with Out-of-band (mgmt0) management configuration? (yes/no) [y]:

Mgmt0 IPv4 address : 12x.23x.234.123

Mgmt0 IPv4 netmask :

Configure the default gateway? (yes/no) [y]:

IPv4 address of the default gateway : 12x.23x.234.1

Configure advanced IP options? (yes/no) [n]:

Enable the ssh service? (yes/no) [y]:

===== Output shortened =====



The switch will be showing all the parameters going  to be set on the switch. If you need to edit any of them, you may enter yes for the query to edit. If you are OK with the values, you can go for the default , no.You can save the configuration by entering yes to the next query.

Would you like to edit the configuration? (yes/no) [n]: no

Use this configuration and save it? (yes/no) [y]: yes

The switch will reboot and the new configuration will take affect. Yes, we are done..

If you wish to reset these values later, you may try the command setup. You will be receiving the same questionnaire as you did for the first time initialization.

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