Simple VMAX device allocation steps

Here we will discuss the basics of VMAX, a new device allocation to a new host. For a new host, we will have to create a Masking View (we will use MV or View later in this post), which will be containing Storage Group ( SG – Containing all the devices to be presented to the host ), Port Group ( PG -Containing the VMAX director ports through which the host will access the devices ) and Initiator Group ( IG – containing the host HBA WWNs ). Lets look more in to the configuration via symcli.

Let’s assume we are using Thin Devices with a pool named T_Pool_1 already present in our VMAX.We will create 2 TDEVs devices first. The command will be,

symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd ” create dev count=2, size=54614, emulation=FBA, config=TDEV;” commit -v

The new devices AAAA and AAAB  of 50GB are now created. Now we will bind these to the pool T_Pool_1. The commad we will use,

symconfigure -sid 1234 -cmd “bind tdev AAAA:AAAB to pool T_Pool_1;” commit -nop -v



Now we are all set to allocate these devices to the server. But it requires the View created. We are assuming the zoning is done and the HBAs are having good connectivity with the VMAX. We can verify this by running the command,

symaccess -sid 1234 list logins -wwn 1xxxxxxxxxxx  # where 1xxxxxxxxxxx is the HBA WWN

If the HBA is logged in, we are good.Now we will create the IG first.

symaccess -sid 1234 -type init create -name BForum_IG -f WWN_file

Where the WWN_file should have the WWNs mentioned in the form,



If we need to a WWN later we can do it by running,

symaccess -sid 1234 -name BForum_IG -type init -wwn 3xxxxxxxxxxx add

Now we have the IG created. The initiators in IG will be listed with their WWN only. If we need to rename to make it human-readable, we can use the command –

symaccess -sid 1234 -wwn 1xxxxxxxxxxx  rename -alias BForum_HBA1/1xxxxxxxxxxx 

The next step, we will create the PG.

symaccess -sid 1234 create -name BForum_PG -type port -dirport 7f:0,9f:0



Now we have the PG created with the FA port 7F:0 and 9F:0 added to it. Now we are left with the SG. We will create it with the devices AAAA and AAAB added to it,.

symaccess -sid 1234 create -name BForum_SG -type storage -devs AAAA:AAAB 

Yes, we have all the groups created. Now we will create the View,

symaccess -sid 1234 create view -name BForum_MV -ig BForum_IG -pg BForum_PG -sg BForum_SG

That’s it..! The view is set with the host and devices added to it.Now the server will be able to discover the devices.

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That was easy, right ? Hope you enjoyed it.You may find more EMC VMAX posts here.


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