Way to gather simple trace from Hitachi Unified Storage

You may refer our previous post on VNX/Cellera log collection. Here we can see how to gather support logs from Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS 110, HUS 130 & HUS 150).

A “Simple Trace” is needed for analysis of all issues relating to the Hitachi storage systems. The trace can be obtained by the customer. It is critical to gather a trace as soon as possible after a problem is detected. This is to prevent log data wrapping and loss of critical information.

If a performance problem is being experienced, take one simple trace as soon as possible, while performance is affected. This can assist greatly in finding the root cause


Hitachi modular storage (HUS/AMS) log collection is a very simple task.

We can login to the WEB GUI using the controller IP Address (type the controller IP Address in a web browser and press enter). both HUS controllers have IP Address. Then in the left panel of the WEB GUI we can find “Simple Trace” Under Trace.

HUS Log Collection

Click on the simple trace and it will pop-up a screen, here will take some time to get it generated. We can monitor the percentage from the pop-up screen. Once the fetching completed we can download it to our local system. There may be multiple files we have to download for complete information from the same pop-up.

The file name will be as follows  smpl_trc1_systemserialnumber_yyyymmdd.dat 

Once we have files in our local system, we can upload the same to Hitachi Technical Upload Facility (TUF) Here we requires valid support case ID from Hitachi.



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