Azure Fundamentals (AZ900) certification preparation – short notes-V

We are into our 5th post in the Azure fundamentals certification preparation notes series. If you haven’t already gone thru the previous posts, please have a look before starting here.

You can see this video to know how can you register for the Azure training and to get a certificaiton voucher without any payment.

[ Disclaimer : This is not a complete training material for the certification. This is just random (short) notes which we captured from course curricula, which will help the readers for their final revision/rewind before appearing for the exam. We do not offer any guarantee in passing the exam with this content ]

Few more things from the AZ900 curricula in continuation to the previous posts,

Monitoring and reporting
Azure Monitor : helps in monitoring how your applications are performing. This also helps in increasing the availability by identifying any failures proactively.
Data sources include Application monitoring data, guest-os monitoring data, Azure resource monitoring data, Azure subscription monitoring data, Azure tenant monitoring data.

-application insights : service for monitoring applications (availability, performance and usage)
-Azure Monitor for containers : service for monitoring the container workloads.
-Azure Monitor for VMs : A service which monitors and analyses the performance and health.

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Azure Service Health :
– Azure status : About (service) outages in Azure.
– Azure service health : Service status and regions in Azure.
– Azure resource health : Health of the individual resources (VMs etc…)
Azure advisor :
– A dashboard giving recommendations on the subscriptions in 5 categories (HA,Security,Performance,Cost,Operational Excellence)
Account and Pricing
Azure SLA : SLA for support (uptime and Connectivity), mentioned in Percentage(%)
Service Credits : Penalty (maybe reduction in Bill) given to customers if Azure miss SLAs.
Composite SLA : A combined SLA for the service/product considering the underlying component SLAs.

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TCO calculator : An online tool to estimate the savings in migrating to Azure. Gives detailed report.
Azure marketplace : Lists third-party apps and services available for purchase for Azure
Azure Support plans : 2:59:24 (video) or 1111 screenshot
Azure licensing : Using the existing windows/SQL purchased for on-prem in Azure. Azure HuB(Hybrid Use Benefit). BYoL – Bring your own license.
Azure subscriptions : Just your account.
– Free subscription : Free $200 credit for 30 days. Some things are free for 12 months
– Pay as you go : Charged at month-end based on usage.
– Enterprise
– Student : Free $100 credit for 12 months
Azure Pricing calculator : A tool for the pricing calculation.
Azure cost management : Gives detailed view on the spending.
That’s it from the series here. For the complete series click here .
Hope this series helped you in your certification journey. Please feel free to share your feedback/suggestions in the comments section.

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