AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification preparation – short notes-II

Hope you have gone thru the first post in our series on AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification preparation. This is a continuation of a few topics we covered in the first post. In this series of posts, we will covering the topics required for you to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate examination. Thus we are trying to help you in your certification journey.

[ Disclaimer : This is not a complete training material for the certification. This is just random (short) notes which we captured from course curricula, which will help the readers for their final revision/rewind before appearing for the exam. We do not offer any guarantee in passing the exam with this content ]

Let’s continue with our contents.

S3 (continued)

Data @ Rest Encryption (D@RE) can be achieved via
SSE-S3 – Server side encr with S3 managing the Keys
SSE-KMS – Customer can define the KMS (Key Management System) available via AWS
SSE-C – Using customer’s own KMS system
client side encryption – encrypt the data before putting in S3. Customer’s responsibility.
Cross Region Replication : Existing files (before enabling CRR) are not replicated, deletion and Delete Markers are not replicated

Edge location –
Origin – Origin of the file, can be S3, EC2, Elastic Loadbalancer or Route53
distribution – Name given to the CDN (collection of Edgelocations)
Web distribution – for websites
RTMP – for media streaming (Real Time Messaging protocol- Adobe’s Media sharing protocol)
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You can invalidate the cache content from CDN, but will be charged

Snowball – 50 and 80 TB variants. 1/5 cost compared to network transfer.256-bit encr. Can import/Export to/from S3.
Snowball Edge – 100TB -with compute and storage.
Snowmobile – Exabyte-scale, upto 100PB. For effective DC migration.
On Demand plan – allows for payment as you use (hours/minutes). Good for testing and dev.
Good for short term testing or small workloads, application testing. no upfront payment
Reserved plan – for 1 or 3 yr contract and is cheaper
Standard – upto 75% discount on pricing and instances type can’t be changed
Convertible – Flexibility of instance types
Scheduled – for scheduled scalability.
Spot – As in share market if the rate matches, you may get it.
If a spot instance is terminated by AWS, the partial hour will not be charged. But will be charged if the termination was initiated by User.
Dedicated – Physical server. Compliance or license use cases
Boot drive can’t be encrypted by EC2, only additional drives can be encrypted. We have to use third party tools in OS (like bitlocker) for boot drive encryption.
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Security groups :
When we create an inbound rule, outbound rule is created automatically. Security groups are stateful, NACL (Network ACL) are stateless.
Can allow traffic for an IP or port, but can’t deny. There’s no deny option for Sec Groups. It is possible with NACL.
Everything is blocked by default in SG. You have to go and allow what you wanted.
Let’s continue the EC2 discussions and more topics in our next post. Hope you are enjoying reading the series. You are always welcome to post your comments/suggestions/feedback in the comments section below.

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