Device does not come back after deleting it from Network Flow Analysis (NFA)

Network Traffic Analysis is the process of recording and analysing network traffic.

Broadcom Netflow analysis (NFA) is one of the best flow analyser available in market.

Lets look in to one of the issue in NFA and its resolution.

Issue : Device is not coming back in NFA after deleting it

Environment: v9.3.3 or earlier

Cause:  This can occur sometimes if there are some orphaned records for the router or interfaces are in one of the NFA databases.


  1. Log in to NFA console and navigate to Administration > Enable interfaces, make sure that the device is not listed there.
  2. Log in to the harvester server in which device is sending flow.
  3. Open the command prompt and run below commands.

(Use select commands to verify the information before deleting it)

a. mysql harvester

b. select * from routers where router =inet_aton(‘x.x.x.x’);

(note the router id from the result and use it while running the commands in poller database)

c. delete from routers where router =inet_aton(‘x.x.x.x’);

d. select * from interfaces where router =inet_aton(‘x.x.x.x’);

e. delete from interfaces where router =inet_aton(‘x.x.x.x’);

f. use poller

——————- advertisements ——————-


g. select * from persistent_map where routerid=xx;

h. delete from persistent_map where routerid=xx;

i. select * from interfaces_snmp where routerid=xx;

j. delete from interfaces_snmp where routerid=xx;

k. select * from routers where address=’x.x.x.x’;

l. delete from routers where address=’x.x.x.x’;

Commands to backup the routers & interfaces table

1. Open command prompt
2. mysqldump -P3308 harvester routers > routers.sql
3. mysqldump -P3308 harvester interfaces > interfaces.sql

That’s it in this post, more troubleshooting steps in the coming posts. Please feel free to add your queries/feedback in the comments section below.

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  • These steps to delete the router & Interfaces from database, really worked for me. Thank you very much?

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