The Team :

Vipin V.K

             Founder and our storage expert, having more than 11 years of working experience in IT for different companies. He was awarded VMware vExpert and EMC Elect for 3 times. He enjoys playing field games and listening to music in his free times.

Naisamuddin P.K         

             Co-founder and our network master. Naisamuddin is working now for service based company as a networking and security specialist and has 11+ years of IT experience. His hobbies include listening to music and playing cricket.

Sreehari C.K

             Sreehari contributes to our Unix/Linux section and is 11+ years experienced in various flavours of Linux/Unix. He enjoys playing cricket and football in his free time.

Sarath P.V             

             Sarath is having an experience of over 8 years in IT and he works as a storage specialist. Contributions from Sarath are mainly in the storage category. He likes to spend his free time with family and also enjoys field games.

Rajeev P

             Rajeev is carrying 9+ years of IT experience and is contributing more to the Cloud and Automation section in our blog. He is working for a service-based company as a cloud specialist. He enjoys playing football and other outdoor games at his leisure time.

Our Mission :

To help the community, primarily intended for the beginners in each technology – as the name indicates. To help the people solve their technical issues and to help them find the answers for their questions.

Socially us : 

You may follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook. Also you may write to us at beginnersforum@gmail.com.

Disclaimer :

The contents published here are all from the author’s personal views and does not reflect the views of company/organisation they work for. We do accept sponsors as we need financial support in covering the operational expenses. And hence we may have sponsored posts/contents which will be particularly called out. All other posts/contents cover the technical areas we work and are not biased towards any brand/product.

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