Adding custom tabs, groups and commands – Microsoft Excel 2013

Here in this post we are discussing on how to add custom tabs, groups and commands in Microsoft Excel 2013. We may require some commands which are by default are not listed in the default tabs (Here I am taking the option of Macros..).


Open the Excel 2013 from the start menu. Read more

Select File Menu, then select the Options entry from the listed options (Refer snap below).



Options – yes, there are too many options. For this purpose, we have to select the Customize Ribbon option. Here in customize screen you can find the available commands in left and the tabs and groups in right. You can create custom groups by selecting the create group option at the bottom.




Here for example, we have created a new tab BEGINNER’S FORUM and a WINDOWS group under it. Also a FORUM-LINUX group under HOME tab. Also we have moved the Macros command under the WINDOWS group.



Once done, here we can see how it looks like. BEGINNER’S FORUM tab, WINDOWS group and Macros command.


Hope this helped you.